President's Message

Hello Everyone,

OpenDeepTech is a non-profit technology organization that aims to inform a wide audience by providing expertise on current technology topics through numerous articles and special reports. I created this organization because I realized that the general public is uninformed and seldom aware of the technologies that are changing and impacting their daily lives and the world. For example, among all its technologies, artificial intelligence is likely to become a social issue and one of the objectives of our organization will be to demystify artificial intelligence and to realize to the general public that artificial intelligence will play a leading role in the coming years in our world, as well as the stakes that lie behind artificial intelligence.

The strength of an organization, in my opinion, is the values and meaning they give to their actions. That's why OpenDeepTech's mission is to inform and educate a wide audience about current and future technologies, through articles, dossiers, conferences and events around technologies such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Autonomous Vehicles, Aeronautics and Drones, Aerospace and Blockchain.

The values of OpenDeepTech are expertise, agility, sharing and innovation, these values are the spirit of our organization. I will therefore ensure that OpenDeepTech keeps this spirit to best achieve our goals. Our organization is international and is composed of volunteers all over the world and therefore contribute voluntarily to the growth of OpenDeepTech. To consult our articles and files, I invite you to join the following site:

Thanks to this site, you will be able to inform yourself and know all about technology news and read analyzes on certain technological projects. The site is available in French and English.

OpenDeepTech is present on the main social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and has many groups on Facebook to inform you about the latest technologies and share exclusive information, so I advise you to join our groups.

To conclude, I know that together we have the means to make a difference and live in a better and more just world. I hope OpenDeepTech will answer your questions, bring you satisfaction, and help you become aware of the impact of technology in our world and in everyday life.

I wish you all a good reading on our site and a great day.

Best regards,

Nicolas Chen
Founder and President


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